Your Income is Your Greatest Asset, Protect It.

With Notch in partnership with Semaphore®, you can insure your social media accounts against hacks.

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"A financial safety net"
A creator life while working on social media
A creator life while working on social media

every 10 minutes a business loses their account to a hack


reported increases in YouTube account takeovers from 2019 to 2022


of marketers would pay extra to work with a creator with social media insurance

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Your social media is your business, so it’s important to treat it as such. Protect what you love with Notch and take ownership of your assets.
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Don't let hackers steal your freedom

Loss of Income

You get immediate daily payouts for your lost income resulting from a hack.

Retrieval Service

Our crisis management team works to restore access to your social media account.

Real Time Alerts

We notify you if your account is hacked and hook you up with our team before you know it.

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Check out what our policyholders have to say

"Instagram is a big income stream for my business and I no longer have to worry about losing it to hackers!"

Kahlea Nicole

“The feeling of losing my account was so stressful and overwhelming. So glad I have Notch Insurance!“

Tiara Roby

“Losing my account and income due to hacking has always been a fear in the back of my mind. Once I heard about Notch, I signed up!"”

Skye Polk

"Social media was our full-time business, we had built a huge active community, we had several collaborations with brands, and it was our only source of income - and suddenly it was all gone."

Bram & Manon
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What happens when you get hacked?

Besides the daily reimbursement, we work around the clock to retrieve your account while you're getting paid

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We’ll inform you immediately
You’ll get paid, daily
We’ll retrieve your account
You're back in business
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What's Covered?

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks mean any and all techniques aimed at intentionally misleading you in order to gain access to your channel.


Often occurs when an attacker masquerades as a trusted entity to steal your data, including account login credentials.

SIM Swapping

A form of identity theft where a criminal steals your mobile phone number by assigning it to a new SIM card and by doing so gains access to your account.

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What about claims?

It’s easy. You just head to your Notch Policyholder Dashboard or hit up their dedicated claims squad to file a claim.
With our expert insurance and crisis management teams, you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands.
Once your claim is approved, you will receive your daily payouts as we work on retrieving your channel.

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At Notch, we believe creators and digital-native SMBs are underserved when it comes to protection and insurance. We work with some of the biggest creators like @caseyneistat and @nasdaily. Together, we’ve created the first insurance for social media accounts against hacks!

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Starting from $8 per month! No hidden costs.
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